torsdag 8 mars 2012

Marni at H&M race

Drog till H&M kvart i nio imorse och det som följde var väldigt spännande, konstigt och speciellt! Alla var helt galna och jag med, jag typ dök efter en scarf. Herregud, man känner sig ju skamsen efteråt, men ändå nöjd... mmm fina saker.

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  1. Hej Amanda !

    My name is Lila and I'm 21. I'm french (from Lyon) but living in Brussels, Belgium where I used to study in a well known european film academy. (Institut des arts de diffusion)

    I have been following your blog for many years now (used to be a Moderniteter fan).
    For two reasons I guess. First, because it's tasteful. I like the aestheticism a lot. Your style is really inspiring.
    Secondly, because I'm fond of Scandinavia. And, most of the time, I sadly don't get a word from your posts.
    This summer, I'm going to shoot my first movie in Sweden.
    My movie is about young swedish talent. During a month, I'm going to travel in Sweden. Stockholm, Göteborg (where I will have the chance to meet Johanna and Klara from First Aid Kit during the Way Out West), Malmö...
    Well, it would be really great to meet.
    I immediately thought of you for the “Fashion” part of my movie, as a young swedish talent. Moreover, I liked the two (or three ?) movies you posted, the one about Paris in particular. Your sense of style could be a real chance for me, as a director.
    My movie will be shown in different films festivals in France, Belgium and Switzerland. So, if you agree to be part of the adventure, it would be a chance for you to be “known” abroad.
    For the movie, I would like to interview you, “follow” you in one usual summer day. See the place you hang out with your friends, the place you shop. You'll be the main character of the fashion part.

    I'm not making a tourist movie. And as a real Scandinavia fan, it's a way for me to discover through you the real Sweden. Of course, if you agree.

    Well, you know everything. So, let me know if you're interested !

    Waiting for some good news,

    Kind Regards,


    Facebook Account: Lila Cousin